I am a married mother of two.   Grew up and lived in a very small town.  I have worked in Corporate America ever since I graduated from college,  you could say 30+ years.  (I do have a BA in Economics).  I am a bookkeeper and part time IT.  The industries I have worked in has gone from is retail, agriculture, Stock Market, construction, restaurants, and banking.   I was a Stockbroker, and a Notary.  I have skills in all areas of the business world.  I am good with computers and keep the office going.  As you can tell I am valuable and needed. 

What happened?

I woke up one day.   Realized I was doing the same thing every day, day in and day out.  You can call it a Robot…….Looking at my job, and going through remodels and adjustments in the office I realized I didn’t have a say in anything, I didn’t make a difference, I was an underdog.  SO, I thought I needed another job.  Well…… looking for my skillset and where I fit, you could say was not an easy task.  It turns out I know a lot, but only a little of each.  I am not an expert on anything.  I would have to start over where ever I went.  “That was not an option!”  I didn’t want to start over and lose status, vacation, and pay.  

With that said I took action on my own.

What it’s like now?

I found a place I can grow, both personally and emotionally.   Not to mention financially.  I work for me.  If I need time for others I can give it.   I found a team to be human with.

Come join me and be human too.


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