I am so glad that I found this company when I did.    My life has been full of emotion this last month and getting my business started has kept me going.


I just dove into my home business in January after dottling around for about six months.   With iPas and Empower Network there holding me together with the encouragement and the overwhelming stories I am listening to.  The affiliates in these companies are wonderful people and it gives me great honor to follow them. 

Enter Here

I won’t go into long details, but my husband was diagnosed with Cancer at the end of January (yes right after I jumped in) and now after the biopsy and operation to have the lump removed, we have seen the first set of doctors and specialists with tests and you name it.  The month of February is now a blur.    I don’t know where it went. 

But I wanted to pass along what kept me together was my new friends on my computer and the encouragement to keep going.  I have learned so much and seem to have it set up. 


That is what is great about having your own business and the freedom to work at it when you want.  I am setting my goals and plan to be out of my other job by June of this year.  I want to be there for my family, and have the time to give the things that are important in life.  

I know I have a lot of work to do, but having the people around me in this wonderful company, I know I will make it and have my story to tell for others to grab a hold of.

Join me and my team for a great adventure to a better life.







Make a decision to step into your Passion and Your Purpose.

Watch this video and Listen to what makes us more than just an offer or single product…

People started coming to events and they started to see the inspiration, the Motivation, and the teaching that was going out to our members…

And what they saw at the Events BLEW THEIR MIND and it excited them!

Friends, It’s time to turn your liabilities into your greatest assets. 

Check out the video above:

Appreciate you,

Love ya,

Dave & Dave

– The EN Team

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