How Do You Tell a Story?



Learning how to become a compelling story-teller that leaves your listeners on the edge of their seats or hanging on every word that you say takes skill.  When you learn how to structure your stories using a simple formula, you can guide your listener on an emotional journey that will bring them right where you want them to be (while they enjoy every second of the ride). 


This formula that I want to share will also allow you to teach, train or pitch your product in such a way that it will entertain and be well received by your listeners and/or prospects.



We’re going to do this through looping stories together (aka: open loops).  Some of you already do this naturally, but when you start to become more ‘on purpose’ with it, you’ll become a much more powerful and compelling communicator (and you’ll most likely see your sales go up and you’re following become more die-hard and loyal).


Blogging now-a-days has started to become very popular.  It is a way for people to express themselves they way they want to and truly tell their own story.   By having their own business and learning how to share what they know in their own way has a unique effect.

When I sit down to write my postings for the day, I feel like I am free,  like I can get away and be myself. 


Why are you searching on the web?


Back to storytelling.


The way it works is simple.  You start a story until you get the specific emotional reaction in your listener that you’re looking to create, and then you end the story and start another one.  Do the same thing again.  Then tell them what you want to tell them (your info, your training, or your pitch).  Then finish all 3 stories.  You can also include content between each story if you want.



Yes, it can be that easy, but to really learn how to do it well,  come and see where I learned that from.


Come Learn the Art of Telling a Story



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