Great training if you are new to YouTube.

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If you would like more views on YouTube, or are wondering how do I get more YouTube views, then this video will explain the 3 simple steps you must take in order for more YouTube views.


0:58 Step 1

1:38 Step 2

2:21 Step 3


In order to get the best out of your YouTube Channel and your YouTube videos, you need to make sure that you follow these simple tips.


Firstly, to get more views, mention your other videos in your YouTube video.


This is a great way to let people know about your other videos so they can go and watch them.


This will not only help you get a good view on your video, but it will also get another view on another video. And if you let people know about your other videos in all your videos, then people can watch 2 or 3 more of your videos, which they never would have done before.


The second tip is use Annotations in your videos to link to your other videos. This is one way to get them to look at other videos. Link to them from your YouTube video and this can lead to you answering how to get more views and subscribers on YouTube.




And lastly, the third step is to have Great Content.


This is the foundation of your YouTube success.


When you have great content, people will not only want to watch your YouTube videos again and again, and you get more YouTube views, they will also become Subscribers and will be notified every time you release a new video. They will come back again and again and you get more views on YouTube.


These are the 3 simple steps to more views on YouTube.


If you’d like to a real insight into how to find out what your viewers are looking for so you can give it to them in your videos, then download the free Video Traffic Report.


It shows you how you can get more views on YouTube, get more subscribers on YouTube and be a success on your YouTube Channel.


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Thank you for watching this video. Use these tips for more views on YouTube today.


If you are doing your challenge to get more videos here are some pointers.



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Have a happy and prosperous day


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