Network Marketing Success: Learn-Apply-Teach

Here is person who has it down.   To teach someone success, you need to learn and apply it yourself.




Would you like to teach someone how to be a better network marketer?  Are you thinking of hiring someone or working with someone who will be your mentor? There are a lot of pundits out there who claim to be able to teach you something.  Some of them even charge for their services.  But sadly, many of them have never accomplished the thing they are purporting to teach you about.  What about you?  Are you trying to teach before doing?

The necessary steps are learn, apply, teach!  When we first get into this business, it is tempting to believe we can teach others how to do it before we have actually done it ourselves.  There is a tendency to want to take short cuts and try to earn some cash by teaching but…again, the necessary steps are Learn, Apply Teach.  We cannot lose sight of the Apply portion.


It is often said that, “knowledge is power”. But I question the wisdom of that statement.  Really it should read, “Applied knowledge is power”.


Look, would you hire an auto mechanic to rebuild your engine if that mechanic had never even seen the inside of an engine but had just read a book about rebuilding engines?  I suspect you might look for a more experienced mechanic, one who had done the thing rather than just reading about the thing to do.


He has some good advise;

Learn from everybody,

Apply what you learn

and teach from that.   


Do you want to learn?

Click here and expand your Brain


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