Working at Home,  Internet Marketing

What is your first thought? Is it a business or is it a scam.


Ask a variety of people and you will get a different answer from each. I have been involved with many business structures in my thirty plus year career. I have worked in agriculture, retail stores, restaurants, construction, wholesale, and banking and a Broker for the Stock Market. I have worked in MLM companies like Mary Kay and Herbalife, just to name a few.


I am a bookkeeper by trade so you can see why I can be flexible.


I can also fix computers and networks with my certificates in Information Technology.


My answer to this question is, what you make of it yourself. If you want to have a home income flow, you need to make it a business or it will feel like you have been taken. There is no rich quick method. You get out of it what you put in.


A business no matter where you are is hard work. It takes persistence, patients, capital, a will to do the work, and the right mindset to get it done. If you don’t have all of those, you are destined to fail.

When I started this new chapter of my life, I looked and looked and then I found a company, yes on the internet, that I could work for, from home on my schedule. I did this to help me feel better, give myself a pat on the back, know that I am working for me and not making someone else rich. Did I think it would be easy?


At first, then I woke up!


I wanted that quick rich, work a couple of hours, and sit back and let it work for me. Then as I started, watched and listened to the leaders in this amazing company, I realized something. This is my business, I needed to buy what I wanted to sell, I needed to expand the way I thought, I needed to get organized and lay out a plan, and most of all I needed to treat it like a business.


What I am trying to say is; that if you are looking for something to make money at home on the internet, it is possible. And you can earn a lot, if it is done correctly. When you put in the time and training you are capable of doing anything.


You need to kick yourself when you get lazy, pick yourself up when you fall, have a vision to look toward and plan your big dream, so you know where you are headed and never give up.


If this is something you really want to do, and you have a great purpose for doing it; do not let the skeptics get in your way or change your thoughts. Those are the people who bring you down from your dream. Just excuse yourself and go prove them wrong.


If you want to see what I am doing.  Check it out Here .  Sit back and watch.


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