Humans;  what an interesting breed.  

You can characterize them in so many different ways.  Short, tall, wide, thin, all different colors and then there is male and female.  But have you actually sat down on a bench somewhere and really watched them.   If you haven’t you need to.    That can be the most entertaining part of your day. 

For instance, find yourself a bench on a street corner one day.  Mind you get there early, that is when the morning exercisers are out.   They come fast, or slow depending on how often they do it.   You get the morning strollers, or the ones who take their dogs for a walk.  Even though I think it is the dogs who take them for a walk.  As you see them pass all of a sudden you are in the morning hustle and bustle of people trying to get to work.  You have the ones who are early, get their morning coffee, join you on the bench and stroll off to the office after reading the paper.   Then the ones who are robots, do the same thing every time day in and day out.   You could set your watch to that bunch.  Then comes the; watch out; late ones.  These are the people who like to sleep or stay out to late.   They come flying by half dressed, coffee spilling because they forgot to tighten the lid or forgot it all together.   After it spills out they need to buy another one.  When you are done laughing or just trying to stay out of their way you can let yourself breathe again. 

As your morning goes on, you get to see the older folks venture out, they seem to have different point of view on the world.   Some will go by and grumble, others act like they are teen agers again.  They have their stories and somewhere in the conversation will say “well you know, it used to be like this”. 

The next set are the mother or fathers who have the day with their kids.   I would need a whole other page to talk about kids, but parents, where do you start.   There are the kind that want their kids to just follow and be straight laced.  Then on the other side, you have the ones who have no ideas what their kids are doing when they are right there with them.  Everyone raises their kids differently, so who am I to judge. 

As lunch time rolls around, you have your group that wants a full course meal at that sit down restaurant.  The ones who grab that Hotdog at the corner vender because they only have so many minutes before that meeting or deadline.  Or, the ones that make their lunches and sit on the bench with you, or find a tree, or eat at their desk and then run as many errands as possible in the shortest amount of time. 

By the time afternoon comes, things slow down a bit.   You get the tired shoppers that by then are going bare foot, and the ones who are so into their looks that they try not to show how uncomfortable they really are.  Office workers who get off early for one reason or another, some are in a hurry and others not. 

Evening just sort of blends into the afternoon, because most of them are oblivious to the world around them.  They get pushy, impatient, and rude and downright mean.  But if you keep looking, there can be that person who hasn’t a care in the world and just goes along weaving in and out of all the others like they were not even there.  You get the most gracious ones, and the “I will help you with that” ones.   And depending on which bench you are on, there can be the second round of workers coming into work.  Having slept all day they are ready to go and usually pass with a slap on the hand, or a see you later greeting.

When the lights come on, the late crowd comes out of the wood works.   The parties start, the TVs get turned on and the commuters go to wherever they are going.   And the cycle starts all over again.


I was there, I know.  And one day I woke up and said that I was tired of being a Robot!   Find a way to enjoy you time on this wonderful earth, and make meaning to your life.  I am!

Come and see how.   

Sandy Mangis


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