My journey started about four years ago; the empty nest syndrome as some call it. Both of my children were out of the house, moved on to start their own life. I was not one to break down into tears for I am always looking for the new adventures that life can bring. I raised my kids to be independent, yet know where they came from. My husband and I had this big house all to ourselves. We could come and go easily without trying to engage four schedules.

With no kids around we started to reengage our relationship, finding out who we were again. Looking forward to our future I wanted to increase our nest egg, so retirement could be more exciting. Looking at our finances I figured I would have to work well into my 70s to come out with what I wanted. Mind you we both are in Management Level positions and work a good 40 to 50 hours a week. To some people that seems great, but I wanted more. I want to retire early, have no bills, and enjoy my surroundings.

Yes, I know, some will say I am dreaming, but isn’t that the point! You need to learn how to live your dreams and strive for what you desire, or your life will have no meaning. When I made up my mind that I was going to fix my financial situation, I went to the internet to get Ideas. The world is one place everyone should explore; there are so many lessons, strategies and people to listen to. I did find what I was looking for. Getting started was easy, but there have been struggles, challenges, frustrations, questions of why am I doing this, and how in the world can I do this; I’m crazy for thinking I could.

Perseverance, make a plan of action, and laying out what you are striving for. These are the keys to keep your focus and tell yourself everyday to give that kick and keep going. If you truly want something and have that burning desire it will come. I found a great company online where I can work for myself, and gain that extra income. So I put myself to work.

I am the type of person who likes to talk, not sure if any of it makes since and I change subjects quickly; but I like to tell my stories. I will admit I am not that good of a listener. So to find my faults and overcome them, I am writing a blog. The trainers for the company that I found have told me to write about my “Niche”. Being a wife and mother for so long, I came to find I didn’t know what that was; I lost me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it, but my “niche” I had no idea what that was. First of all, being 50 plus I had to look up the word first and get its meaning. You know when you do the same thing day in and day out, the world changes around you. I have to learn the jargon of the internet world.

Writing has giving me a boost, the best thing that happened was finding a mentor. She told me just to write. So I sat in my office, in front of my computer and started typing. I looked around me and found a life. There were pictures and trinkets, books and all sorts of things I had collected throughout all those years. I found my “niche” It as a working mother. I can relate to everything you have to go through, from giving birth to college graduation.

I have been through the walking, the talking, the learning how to mind stages. Then off to school, and sports of all kinds. I have a daughter and a son, who are completely different. As I am writing my son came by and then scooted off again. Yes, he was on his motorcycle, and to tell you he does where hearing aids because he is hard of hearing. The challenges have been good and bad. Now it’s time for ME.

Follow me on my journey and see if some of my stories can help you.

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