Do you want to be a leader or a follower?

There is a question for many of us. Some will say I can’t lead, and come up with many excuses. Others will say follow me. Where do you see yourself?

That question can be applied in many aspects of your life. You be surprised to find out that everyone is a leader in some way or another. Let’s set this path to freedom.

I want to help everyone be the best leader and strive to get the most out of their life. Fill it with great people around them, fulfill their dreams no matter what they are. No worries about money, time, and the future. You will have all that if you LEAD yourself and follow the ones who are there. They will show you how to have it all for yourself.

My company is so inspiring, that you have a great time every day. You love going to work, it’s at home or where ever you are. You get to meet wonderful people with all kinds of stories. You will get to live your life and not what someone else is making you do.

I just sat through a training session from one of our great leaders, Lawrence Tam and was inspired. He talked about 5 tools that most overlook. The training was like a conversation happening with all who were there. It was wonderful to pick their brains and really get to know the how, when, what and where. They are happy to share and get you to be prosperous. In my many years of working Corporate America I do not know how many boring webinars I have watched that give charts, percentages, and other things that you have tuned out because by then they have lost your interest. But here I am glued and want to know more.

There comes a point when you need a job that stimulates you every day and helps you grow. Follow me and I will point you in the direction to be that leader. We will never stop learning together.

Watch the freedom video from another great leader Justin.

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