Smiling is just a good thing to do. It puts you in a good mood, your demeanor is more relaxed and your voice gets an upbeat sound. Also, it takes less muscles to smile than frown, I think someone proved that once, but don’t quote me.

If you haven’t smiled today, quick find something before it’s too late. You want to enjoy life not add stress to it. There are lots of things that can turn that frown upside down. For me today its’ Friday, and the sun is shining, the weather is perfect and a holiday weekend is upon us. I finished my projects early and now I can focus on the things that are fun to do.

For some days that is enough to keep that smile, but there are days that it takes every ounce of myself to find it. There can be lots of obstacles, like the alarm clock, the dog, and other things that just fall apart in front of you. Other things can be goofy drivers, co-workers that have every problem in the world, and projects that you pull your hair out over. In those times it is even more important to find your smile. That is when you need a dose of social media. Someone out there has posted a funny picture or a saying that will hit you the right way. Stir clear of the negativity, and the sorrow.

Find your joy, post it where you can see it every morning to get off to the right start. Find those mirrors so you can monitor yourself all day long. No, don’t just fix your hair or look at your teeth, make sure that smile is there for starters. If you make that a habit your life will have more meaning, you will get more done during the day and people will flock around you. They are looking for that happy person to help them.

Hold your head up high, reach for the stars, and smile, smile, smile. It will be contagious, and a conversation starter. People want good news and if someone is smiling it means they are happy and must have done something good. Help them by sharing your smile, good news with it or not. That reminds me of a time when I was younger and just got my driver’s license. I was so excited I waved at everyone I passed coming and going. It got their attention, and made them feel important and special too. It was great. I want to ask everyone to give yourself a day and just smile or wave at everyone you see, then at the end of the day ask yourself how you feel. You just might want to do it the next day.

OK, I know we all have our bad days and yes I like to grumble also, but just remember at some point turn the frown upside down. You will thank yourself for it and your family won’t want to disappear on you. 

In the company I work for, we have a lot of people who smile a lot, and have the personality that just helps others smile and shine. There is room for more, so let me know if you need a smile and I will share.

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