Do you know what makes you happy?

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes, thoughts and feelings. But it all really boils down to a frame of mind. We all can change the way we feel, it’s a matter of choice. How do YOU want to feel today?
You never know what tomorrow will bring or even within the next minute or two. But, the frame of mind that you give it will determine your attitude. Take yesterday for example. I was just having a great day, I got up early, had my house clean, laundry almost done, and I was writing and creating in my home office. Then my phone rang! Mind you it was Saturday, my day, wasn’t going to go anywhere, I wanted to do my stuff. I looked at the caller ID and it was the CEO of the other company that I work for. She had gone in to work to catch up on things and the computers were not working. Since I am the IT Super I needed to go and help. Did I want to? Not really, but I put that smile on my face, found my happy thoughts and dropped what I was doing to help.

I finally arrived back home eight hours later. It was evening and my projects were still in mid form. Was I MAD that I had to have MY day interrupted? I could have been; I could have gone in grumbling and stomping around. I could have taken my anger out on the CEO and asked what I going to get out of this. But no, I went and help get everything up and running. I chose to look at it from a different angle, and said to myself; “it will make next week a lot better” and you know it will. Any time you have to be interrupted and go out of your way for some reason or another, think of how this will benefit and then take advantage of the opportunity. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a lot.

Do your little bit of good
People get so bent out of shape over things that disrupt their way of doing things. Yes I do have my moments for the temper tantrum, but that is when you need to STOP, take a deep breath, and find something about the situation you can find happiness from. Always keep your favorite song handy, put sticky notes up that have favorite saying, pictures that make you smile or remember something fun. These are a few ideas to help you always try to be happy, it will help you and the others around you. Happiness is an emotion that can be very strong and can overflow onto others.
I was sent a link to find your happy word, I am sharing it here to let you have the opportunity also.
This was great …my happy word is “HOPE”


Find your happiness where ever you can and if you need to go find it look to your old friends and always be on the lookout for new friends.

Here is some great advice from a Friend of mine David Wood:
Sometimes people choose to not trust people because someone else hurt them.
If someone else hurt you – remember this:
That has absolutely nothing to do with someone else.
Let it go. Choose to let new people into your life. Choose to be willing to like people again. Allow your heart to open, and to feel love even more powerful than when you loved for the first time.
I’ve known a LOT of people in my life.
Most people are good.
Most people want the best for others.
Most people are doing their best.
Sometimes their ‘best’ isn’t the most awesome.
Sometimes they need to learn some things.
But they are good people – people who make mistakes from time to time.
Just like me.
For me – loving people is always more powerful than not loving them.
So I choose to love them anyways.


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