Bad things happen…..How you respond to them defines your character and defines the quality of your life.  You choose sadness and be immobilized, or you can rise and treasure your gift…  which is LIFE.

We wonder why it happened to us and want to why.   Its OK to cry, mope around, and get angry.  We are all human and emotions are healthy and is part of who we are.   At the same point we need to shake it off, let it go and learn from it.   In this day and age, there are so many resources that you can find: get out there and find that someone or someplace to find help for you to heal.  You do not need to feel alone.   Self-Pity is a choice, its a form of selfishness.  It makes us unaware of our surroundings and the needs of others.   You close the door and think you are alone. 

Again, you can choose to lift yourself up and enjoy life!!   You are in charge of your own happiness.   It is your personal responsibility to make a choice.    Do you want to dwell in the past or change your future.

I found people to uplift me everyday, and show me who is inside.  I can help you too.   This will give you the life you want and all the motivation you need to grow.

Stay tuned for more


This article is post by Deborah Shelby on “Clear you mind and Heal your Soul.” 






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