Have you ever walked around your house in the dark? You think you know where things are, but it always seems like they are farther away than were you thought. Well when my dog gets me up in the middle of the night, I am half asleep and have a routine down. I go to the door and let her out, then head off to my chair, fall asleep and wait for her to tap on the door so we both can go back to bed. She does this quite often, so I have night lights all over the place and I know my house pretty good.

Last night was that obstacle. I had a pair of shoes by my chair. As I went to get up, my little toe got caught and that really hurt. Probably said something I shouldn’t have, so I was glad nobody was around. Then I had to stumble back to bed. From there I had two steps, round the corner and down the hall. I was just glad I didn’t break it and it stopped throbbing after a while.

That just made me think of all the obstacles we come across every day. We know the path, we plan what we are doing, yet the stumbling blocks come out of nowhere and without warning. Some people say “Life happens” others say “bad Luck”. Do you have a word for it? For me, it depends on how many happen in one day that will determine my mood after it happens. My lessons from being a MOM has made me go with the flow. I can maneuver around and change the channel without too much difficulty. I have learned how to do two or three things at once, and they all seem to get done. As age has come upon me, I do notice that I need to write things down a lot more so I don’t forget, but I still seem to manage to keep to the plan and just smooth down the obstacles .

Just as you have a desk full of pens and paper, a kitchen full of utensils, and a shed full of tools, these are all used for obstacles. Some can be obvious and others are sneaky and bite us in the butt. We should set out our days full of hope and joy, yet don’t be surprised by that crack in the sidewalk, the spill in the kitchen, that weed in the flower bed that you had no idea how it got there, because it wasn’t there yesterday. And, the gas tank that just beeped at you because it is empty.

Going with the flow and learning how to make use of all these obstacles will give you a better outlook on life, so take each bump in the road and as adventure and always keep that smile on your face. I have found that writing it down and figuring out how to make it work; gets you through the day.

Have a prosperous Day




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