If you don’t think you have what it takes to make your life stand out, or have a business of your own, I want to share some pointers from people who do have a challenge. Then I will have a question for you in the end.

These are just a few that have touched me; Sight, Hearing, speaking, able to walk or move.

Sight: The colors of the world would need to be described. Beauty would take on a whole new meaning. My favorite color is red, for others it’s blue or green. Would you know how to explain a color?

Hearing: Sign language is a wonderful thing, and very useful, but without some form of motion people do not know you need their attention. Have you ever plugged your ears and walked around. There is so much music around us that is missed. How do you describe it?

Speaking: Compared to the last two, this one seems a lot easier. I tend to think you will hear a lot more if you close your mouth for a while. But, how do you express yourself and help others know what you want?

Able to walk: Mobility is a must for people, it keeps you muscles active and your blood flowing through your veins. The freedom to get up and move comes naturally for most and you don’t think about it till the day you are restricted and then you have to find other means to help. It’s hard work!


If you have ever had to deal with any of these, or some of the other restrictions people have in their lives, you can relate to what I have laid out. You need a strong will, and a motivator. If you were born that way, it comes more naturally. I didn’t say easier, but you learn how to cope and make it work or you. I have met some pretty strong people in my days.

Just like getting out on your own when you are young, or starting your own business, it’s not easy, it is a challenge and you need lots of motivators.

As you move around today, be aware of the world around you. As the old saying goes, STOP and smell the roses. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

Step out of your box and help those around you, share your world and let others in. Don’t let hard work get in your way. Set your mind to what you really want in life before you do not have it anymore.

Do you think you have what it takes??

Follow me and my team, we will show you how to shine with what you have. Your abilities, and give you the motivation to go and enjoy the world around you.

Don’t be the one who missed this and that. See the rainbow, hear the birds sing, and walk the trail to where you want to go.



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