If you look at the laws of nature, everything replenishes itself.  From the weeds you can never seems to get rid of; to the trees dropping their seeds, just looks at the maple trees right now, they have more little seed buds than ever.   Then to the animals, I saw a doe with her fawn the other day.  And the baby geese are so cute waddling behind their mother.   How do you want to live?

People on the other hand get to choose.  Do you want children, or not?  Even though they can come as a surprise to some, most are planned.    Children can be a blessing and a learning process.   As the saying goes no two people are alike.  Your children have your genes, good or bad that can’t be changed.  

For me I always wanted to have children.   First came my daughter, from day one I knew she was going to be independent and keep me on my toes.   She would challenge herself constantly and always strive to do her best.  She is gung hoe and very strong, in both mind and body.  Very athletic and ready to tackle any project.  Yet still she is always needing me more one thing or another.  

Then came my son … quiet but watch out he will surprise you.  He has had his challenges with a hearing disability, but has definitely overcome that and now is strong and determined to plan his future.   Mom seems to be there more for moral support and financial questions.  Otherwise he has it all figured out. 

I can say there have been days when you want to lock them in their room and others where they are your inspiration to go out and have a good time.  Children can be entertaining and give your life fulfillment.  They can also advance your family name and then be someone to look after you when you are older.  You can call then at any time when you need something or you can be there for their time of need.   I have driven miles to unlock car doors or rescue them when the car breaks down.   I have been the chauffeur or the banker, or the laundry service. 

All in all your kids are a part of you, they come from your flesh and blood.   You can help them or not, it’s your choice! I would not have had it any other way.

As you set your goals in life do you include your children, do you want to help them in any way including financially?   That is what I am doing.  


Come and join me in my next adventure in Life.



Have a prosperous day

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