It seems like no matter where you go, you cannot get away from some form of a deadline.  How you handle them is a different story.   That is what’s so great about the world we live in, with all its diversity, but it also can be frustrating trying to deal with all those different kinds of individuals.  How many people do you depend on to keep your deadlines so you can get to the next one.

Catch your next deadline here.

It seems like everyone handles it differently.  You have the ones who are always ahead of the game and jump on it right away to get it done.  Then there are the ones who look at it as just something else they are doing and it goes with the flow.   Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere it is upon us and oh dear!! What do we do, it’s like they had no idea, they were caught by surprise and the world is going to end.  You also have that person who will get it done when they want and deadlines have no meaning. 


What do you consider a deadline?  The obvious ones of course have a time limit with specifics. Meeting schedules, class schedules, doctor appointments, and those of you who work outside your home, need to be at the jobsite at a certain time.  Then you have sporting events, TV shows and dinner reservations.  Mothers can say dinner is at 6:00 and you better not be late.  If you stop and think about it we set deadlines for many things.  They invented the alarm clock, stop watches, timers, and anything else you use to keep you on track.


Depending on how organized you are or if you have a personal assistant, determines how well you handle deadlines.   Each one in your life can be different, you need to determine if they are important, or will impact your life in a certain way.   Some you must keep and others maybe not.  Just remember to keep them in order.   With all the new smart phones out there, keeping the important ones should be a lot easier.   Just remember not to stress out and think that the end of the world is coming if you don’t make every one of them.   We are only human and things happen.  Who said life was easy.  Trying your best and making up for what you missed will help you feel a lot better. 


Try writing things down that you do during the day and count how many of them had some sort of a deadline?   I think you will be surprised by the amount.  Most of what we do, even shopping or taking a nap has a time on it.   We plan to do it in the morning or afternoon or just for an hour.  Try to just stay active and lay things out so you work a little on this and that.  If one seems to flow better at that time then the other, finish it.  If you have to force yourself to get it done, then at least you started and you have an idea of how much time it will take or if you need to get some help. 


I have been in a lot a training with my business lately and the little things they teach you to do during the day have been successful.  I get so much done and seem to keep up with more than I thought I could.  Want to learn with me?


Have a Prosperous Day



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