Came across there today and wanted to share.   Here are some strategies on how to make a marketing video.    There are good ways and bad.    Get pointers from others before you publish.   There are a lot of things to think about.   Your clothes, the background, the lighting, and then there is the surroundings.   Are there noise factors and are you in a place that can have a lot of interruptions?  


Videos can be a wonderful tool to increase your profits, or they can be a waste of time.   Time is very precious and you should not waste it, so do some research and set it up first then make as many as you can .


Here are some pointers:


·  An online video can increase people’s understanding of your product and services by 74%.

· is the number 2-search engine in the world. This shows us that people are more interesting in watching than reading.

·  Each day 100 million internet users watch at least one video.

·  75% of business owners watch business related videos every week.

·  After viewing a video ad at least 46% of people who watched it took some type of action.


To read more go to this blog:


Also here is a link for more information:


Happy videos everyone.


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