This is an exciting day not only for the graduate but for the parents as well. Having a child is such a blessing, you can take this small little creature that you created and nurture it and help it in so many ways.

Learning seems to start the minute you are born. You learn how to cry when you want something, then other emotions start, like smiling and giggling, and temper tantrums, but all in all you are learning. As you learn how to crawl, walk, and how the rest of your body works, it gives you a skill. Then you learn to communicate. Have you ever really thought about how many ways there are to communicate? We can all use expressions, jesters, and other body languages, to speaking, writing, or scribbling. Some use pictures, and symbols. Now a days with the internet, communication has exploded.


For a mother who wanted the most for her kids, school was a must not an option. No, I didn’t force them to go, but I laid out the odds and told them now was the time to get it done. The old saying that you should learn something new every day still holds true. Don’t stop learning it’s your way of growing when it seems like things around you have stopped. It keeps you energized and new.

Graduation day is great, not only for the individual that gets to walk in the cap and gown, but also for the parents in the audience. It makes you feel proud of what you worked so hard for. Kids did the studying, projects and test taking, but the parents get to watch and feel just as proud for it was hard work for them too. People like to have recognition for their hard work. You should strive to get there in whatever you are doing. If it is at work or at home, keep learning and strive to accomplish something no matter what it is, big or small.

If its awards that you are after, make your own, or set that goal and have a prize for reaching it. Awards and prizes come in all forms from paper to traveling, having a shopping spree or that large ice cream Sunday with all the sprinkles and chocolate syrup smothered on top.

For those of you who are graduating or the one sitting in the audience, I want to say “Congratulations”.




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