It can be planned for a special occasion or just a get together on a weekend. At first you think no problem just come and enjoy. Send out invitations and away you go. You start figuring out the food and decide what you are going to make. It’s going to be fun. Then the drinks, you have to wash down all the food. Excitement is just pouring out of you.

Then reality sets in! The cleaning starts. The yard is a mess, weeds everywhere, and you wanted to plant those flowers when? You look at your porch. Oh just a couple of board need replacing besides that paint job. Oh well, power wash works for now. Inside the house you go. Oh, it’s spring cleaning time; you find dust bunnies in places you never thought they could get to. Rearranging the furniture for the amount of people you invited. Finding enough chairs around your house, let’s see who is going to sit on the little one? Moving from room to room, because you never know where your quests are going to wander and you don’t want to be embarrassed by something you forgot. Shutting the door does not always keep them out.

Food is next, shopping! List making and figuring out which store you need to go to first, trying not to spend all day gathering things, because of all the work you need to be doing at home. As you go around the store you seem to need more things than are on your list. It is spring cleaning and a new rug or picture sure look good. Now you are just getting off track. Focus… As you pick things up in one store you always notice the price of the one you found in the other store and “what?” it’s that price here? Kicking yourself you just look at your list and try to finish.

OK, back home again. Trying to organize the things you bought at the store, you unbearably forgot something. Call a friend quickly and you are covered. Find the bowls and utensils..wash them..because you probably have not used them since the last big event. Mix up everything, see what needs to be on ice, Oh forgot that too, and lay out your table. Did you remember napkins? Or do you just put the roll of paper towels out. Stand back and look around. Yeah, ready to party.

The big event arrives. You have very sore muscles from all the work, the flowers you did have so pretty in the yard are done and all the petals are on the ground. The wind is blowing, it looks like rain and you forgot another important piece. All in all, most of your quests are not going to notice half of what you did or forgot, and they will come and enjoy it anyway.

Party time is hard work, but now my house is clean, my yard is spruced up and I can sit back and enjoy it even after my party quests are gone. So unless you just hire it all done for you, the work needs to be done and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Just remember this when you are planning a party or running a business. Put in the work and effort and it will all be great in the end.

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