No matter what day of the week your Monday starts on it seems to throw you off.   We know it’s coming, and we prepare for it, but it seems to sneak up and come before we want it to.   There always seems to be that last minute thing we need to do before we start, or forgot after we left to get started.   Then depending on how long your weekend was or even vacation you lost all sorts of things.   Like Keys or shoes, etc.


Mondays can be grouped into many categories. There seem to be many different adjectives you can use. Mainly anything that disrupts you fun routine, or the dread of having to put your thinking cap on.   We never seem to have enough coffee and the spry in our step is a couple of paces behind us.


The first thing you think about is what was on that to do list?   Then hoping that you made one, so you do not have to recreate it.   Modern technology is a wonderful tool if you entered your info into it and then shared it with the correct program so no matter where you are you can access it.   I am one who is the IT and I have a smart phone, tablet and a couple of computers, but I am also the one who needs those sticky notes and a pencil. Pens make such a mess or you go through a lot more paper when you change your mind, because of the scribbles.


It does not seem to matter if you work for yourself or for someone else. Mondays can have the same effect.   Maybe it is just the word.   Should we change it to something with more pep so it puts you in a certain frame of mind? That might be kind of fun, what’s the word photographers use to make people smile? Oh yes, CHEESE!!   Now that you are all smiling, do you agree with me?


You cannot say we will just get rid of Mondays though, because then Tuesday will become the new Monday. I suppose we just have to toughen up and get through it, move on, put yourself into your new frame of mind, and then it will be all over and time will begin again. If you walk around with a good attitude then it will be absorbed in those around you and come full circle back to you again.  


Time flies by to fast as it is to miss out on Mondays. We need to get started someplace. It is like any ride you go on, you have to start to get it going.   It seems ruff but then off you go.  Enjoy the day no matter how bad or good it is.  

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