When you read something doesn’t it throw you off when there is a misspelled word or the grammar isn’t correct? It makes us stop and wonder. We lose our spot and all train of thought.

I cannot say I am the best, I am more of a numbers type of person. Mechanically minded, and great with problem solving. Writing is more of a challenge, but one I am going to overcome. My daughter will never let me forget that when she was in the third grade, I helped her with her nouns and we both failed. What a learning experience that was. Good thing she rose out of it and graduated with honors. I would have never lived that one down!

Read an article today that talked about how poor grammar is an indication of general attitude, learning ability and work performance. We can be defined by our language; written, spoken or by expression. It allows us to express our thoughts, dreams, and ideas to show others what we are all about.

First impressions come from how we use our words and others make judgements from that. We have all written things that come out all wrong, and others who do not know us wrinkle up their nose. Now-a-days it seems a lot easier to write with the computer, because it spell checks and corrects the grammar. Do not rely on that, always read what you wrote, the spell check can be wrong. I found one in the blog just a second ago and had to find a dictionary. Yes, they still make things like that.

Then there is a phone or tablet. Have you ever typed on one of those or used the voice app. Reading some of those conversations can get quite a response. You have probably seen a few funny pictures. You normally hit the send button then read. A friendly reminder, always look them over and correct; it helps the conversation and shows that you are intelligent.

Sending a note to a stranger, or typing out a resume is one example where spelling should be correct. This is an attachment of your personality and if done in poor taste, it can give the wrong impression. I have found that if you read it backwards you can find most spelling errors. This will not work on the grammar though. So the trick is, once you finish writing, scan backwards for spelling and then read it through to find the grammar.

Here is the link to the article I read “Why Good Grammar Matters”

Don’t be afraid to write, blog, text, IM (Instant message), or post on any social media site. Just do it in a fashion that shows who you are and what you want to world to see. Like my writing mentor said “just write” and your personality will come with it. I am finding my “niche” again and learning how to express myself in my writing. Spelling and grammar are coming back after many years of working with numbers. With all the fun things to do online now-a-days; it would be a shame for people not wanting to know how to express themselves and communicate with others. Go back to your younger days and look at the punctuation, pull out that dictionary (or look it up online) and start writing.


Come blog with me and find who you are!!

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