Who doesn’t like sports?  Even those who aren’t fanatics still pay attention.   How can they not, its’ all over the news splashed on social media sites, TV and posters all over the place.  The one that seems to be catching all the attention right now is the world cup.  Yes, soccer!! 


This is one of those sports that is not just in one country.   It is all over the world, and people love it.  I never got to play this particular sport growing up in a small town, but my son did.   He was the goalie and just loved it.   It’s fun to watch and has a lot of fast action.   You can kick it, throw it, and hit it with your head or knee.   You can pass it to your team mates or run it down the field yourself.  


This is also a sport that some call football, but do not it get them mixed up or you will have an argument started.   They are two completely different balls, and rules.   Yes, they use the same field, and have similar goals, but I would not compare the other football with it at all.  In soccer there are no helmets, and the only pads they wear are on their shins.

Here is a video that shows some of the flurry surrounding the games and what people go through to get a piece of the action. 

Go watch and have fun, sports are one of the best forms of entertainment and people pay a lot of money to do it.  


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