Positive psychology, it’s that feel good feeling!  Something that everyone should adopt in their everyday life.   It comes from support and encouragement from others around you.   Your parents always told you that you did a good job at whatever you were doing, or they sat you down and encouraged you to know the good from the bad.


Stronger that you think

Have you looked at the pictures that were plastered on the refrigerator or posted on the bulletin board?   They were not Picasso, but they were the best things ever created, because they were made for a purpose.  Losing the game in any sport you played, your parents or coach would say you did well, just because you tried and gave it your best.   The people who believed in you and were positive no matter what, set you up to a better outlook on your own life.   That is how all of us should be toward others!



Criticism rarely motivates, praise and appreciation do.  We need to be communicators of that! If we just let it ride and don’t do anything; that just like thinking “well they know I mean it”, which is actually worse than degrading them.  We need to express, appreciate, give praise, and pat them on the back, encourage them to keep going.



Does that mean give everyone on the team a trophy? NO, but helping them and praising them for what they did right, and showing them that trying harder, or changing a few things will help them get better and go farther.  False flattery and praise is not good, but genuine praise – even if it is just for showing up or getting up when you get knocked down – can go a long way.   Remember riding your bike, how many knees did you scrape, yet it is still a fun thing to do and you didn’t throw it away and never go back.



Manager, coaches and even parents need to use more of this when dealing with not only kids, but adults as well.  Praise works better than criticism, and way better than ignoring.   Praise empowers people, criticism intimidates, and ignoring just confuses.



Live your life in a good atmosphere, and surround yourself with positive people who will give you the praise and appreciation that you deserve.   If you are missing out on that, I have a great bunch of people in our organization that will help you have a greater outlook on whatever niche in life you want to enjoy.  Come with me and see for yourself how to have a great life and share it with others.


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