Do your little bit of goodHave you ever had one of those days when you found something really cool and you just want to dive in and make it work? Well that is how my day started. I found an awesome training the other day and thought “I can do that” but I wanted have sometime to really study it and get my steps written down to make it work. This morning was that day…got up, got my coffee, turned on my computer and found the video. I had saved the link to make it easy. I was excited to put this to work for me and help increase my home business.

Putting all the distractions away and getting out my paper and pen, I was ready! The creativity was stirring and all my attention was directed to watching this video. It’s great to watch a recording because you can stop it to catch up or go back if you didn’t quite understand what it was they were trying to tell you. I got some great notes and after about an hour I was ready to put it into play. Taking action on what you learn is a very important part in running your own business! If you think you need to know it all before you start, then you never get started, or by the time you get started, it has changed already and you need to start over.

I went on the internet, created all the accounts that I needed, played around with the tools just to get the hang of it. I was impressed and having fun. I love learning new things! Getting my excitement up even more, there was one last step to complete my action for the day. I needed one more component to my process. I searched and searched and it wouldn’t come up or it kept sending me to another site. I was getting so frustrated by then. Calming down and getting another cup of coffee. I started to do some research. Come to find out that site closed down and isn’t working any more. How sad!! My cool strategy just went out the window, and now my morning was a complete loss.

Well, not exactly a complete loss, I did learn some cool things and now the trick is to implement them into other process. The internet is ever changing and having a business that uses it can and has to be very flexible. Blogging about it is a great way to relieve your stress; you can teach others what you learned and how you fixed it. If you haven’t guessed already my business is online blogging.

Blogging is a lot of fun. You can write about things that you love, things that bother you, or create a theme. The trick is to set it up correctly, lay it out so it’s easy to navigate, and then learn how to market it and the best part is learning how to make money doing all of that. I have found that in my later years of life it great to have something to keep me energized and motivated throughout the day. Come follow me and I can teach you how to have as much fun as I am. Click here.

Have a Prosperous Day

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