I had an email come across my desk that had these words written in it. When I read it, I was overwhelmed. It has so much meaning to it with just a few words. People tend to look at the surface when they glance at things. They are in such a big hurry and want to get to the point faster than the other one. Seeing things like this makes you wonder how many times have I skipped over something that could have helped me in what I was doing and where I was going.


Let’s look at this again! Losing your SIGHT! This can be taken in many contexts, from not being able to physical use your eyes to not knowing what is around the corner in the dark.

Whereas Losing your VISION! Some may also come to think this is not being able to see with your eyes, but it’s bigger than that. It is actually knowing where your path is leading you and seeing the fork in the road, which way do you go.

When I read this I needed to post it and remember it, for I want to focus and be able to choose my path. I know I can choose and see where I want to be. My life is not standing still and I am only on this earth for a little while, I need to make the most of it. I have my dreams; I have my plan of action. I need my vision to keep me on my path and give my life meaning.

What is it that you are trying to achieve in your life time? Do you have a goal or are you one of the robots just passing the time away and having fun doing it. Check your vision, are you making a difference? Is there something you want to be remembered by? Is it making a good home for your family, is it having a fulfilling career that you can be proud of. Is it sharing for the need of others? I know you can think of something.

This is where you need to ask yourself. Am I seeing or do I have a vision? If you want to learn more, Click here and enter into my world that will help you get the fulfillment of what you are looking for.

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