I was reading an article about body language and how your brain has made up your mind about a person before you can even think about it. In order to hack those milliseconds that your brain has already used is by using body language.

When I was learning Sign Language a lot of the meaning to words, comes from body language. It plays a really big lesson in understanding truly what people are contributing to the conversation.

Here are some of the blunders they suggest to watch out for:

15 Body language blunders to watch out for:
1. Leaning back too much — you come off lazy or arrogant.
2. Leaning forward — can seem aggressive. Aim for a neutral posture.
3. Breaking eye contact too soon — can make you seem untrustworthy or overly nervous. Hold eye contact a hair longer, especially during a handshake.
4. Nodding too much — can make you look like a bobble head doll! Even if you agree with what’s being said, nod once and than try to remain still.
5. Chopping or pointing with your hands — feels aggressive.
6. Crossing your arms — makes you look defensive, especially when you’re answering questions. Try to keep your arms at your sides.
7. Fidgeting — instantly telegraphs how nervous you are. Avoid it at all costs.
8. Holding your hands behind your back (or firmly in your pockets) — can look rigid and stiff. Aim for a natural, hands at your sides posture.
9. Looking up or looking around — is a natural cue that someone is lying or not being themselves. Try to hold steady eye contact.
10. Staring — can be interpreted as aggressive. There’s a fine line between holding someone’s gaze and staring them down.
11. Failing to smile — can make people uncomfortable, and wonder if you really want to be there. Go for a genuine smile especially when meeting someone for the first time.
12. Stepping back when you’re asking for a decision — conveys fear or uncertainty. Stand your ground, or even take a slight step forward with conviction.
13. Steep ling your fingers or holding palms up — looks like a begging position and conveys weakness.
14. Standing with hands on hips — is an aggressive posture, like a bird or a dog puffing themselves up to look bigger.
15. Checking your phone or watch — says you want to be somewhere else. Plus, it’s just bad manners.

Mostly, the best thing to do is to stand or sit with good posture, make eye contact and smile. Be yourself and look out for the signs. Do people shy away or do the approach you? Practice in the mirror.

I have been learning a lot about blogging lately, and learning how to express myself in my words. The lack of facial content can be a challenge that takes practice to overcome. Learning how to come up with interesting content, that shows emotion and interest, then presenting it in a way to show others the same meaning.

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See you in the next adventure of communicating.


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