I saw David’s post the other day and had to share with my team.

He has a lot of things in his brain and when it comes out you need to listen.   Not sure how to take #3?   Yes “Do unto others that you would have they do unto you”.   If they did something that wasn’t quite right,   I’m not sure if I would follow it.


On the other note for business purposes he has some great rules.


Read and get people to buy.


3 Rules of Getting People To Buy Stuff:

1. You have to love to buy stuff, from people who love to sell stuff.

2. You have to get sold often, buying with anticipation, allowing yourself to ‘fully experience’ the moment of saying “damn I want this!”

3. Like Jesus said: “Do unto others what was just done unto you.”

Almost a perfect formula, if you ask me.


This was posted from Facebook,    If you want to see more…..

Click here.  

Sandy Mangis


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