I grew up in a household that you were going to college and didn’t have much of choice.   That was the way it was. My parents wanted me to have the experience and the knowledge to get a good job.   My family and friends were wheat farmers in the northwestern part of the US. Even though they were hoping that I would come back and live close to them they sent me off. I wasn’t the best student, but I had a great college experience.   I continued to learn similar things that I studied in high school.   I found out I was good with numbers, more than letters, also gears and graphs.


What did I choose to do with it? I chose the easy way. I went into retail and worked at the convenience store.   Working on the farm and driving harvest truck doesn’t give you much for job experience.   I worked my way into bookkeeping, again numbers, and it kind of stuck. I did dabble out and got a Stock Broker’s license and learned Sign Language. Even thought about being an interpreter.


Now after 35 years of being a bookkeeper in many different kinds of industries, I went looking for some excitement and a jump-start for my family’s life. How do I want to retire? You know that living from paycheck to paycheck feeling. Do I want to keep working either at Wal-Mart or a door man at the Casino? I don’t think so! I want a nice home, possibly a maid, and help my kids get what they want. I do not want to worry about money, or wonder what Social Security is doing.   I want to travel and enjoy life for a change.


OK, some of you are thinking, she is dreaming, others might be there, but if you aren’t, boy do I have something for you.   My blogs are making me money.   Yes that is what I said. I am turning in my numbers and looking at words.   I have a whole life to talk about and why not make money as I go.   I am learning how to lay it out, get content, market it on the internet and sync it using SEO. What a neat and fun way to earn money.


Now that you know my story, I want to know if you want to share yours! It’s fun to blog, you can choose anything you want, or critic others.   Do you have a voice, do you want to make something of what you like? Let me know and I can show you how to get started.  Let’s have some fun together and enjoy the rest of our lives.

See you in the World Wide Web!


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