There can be different ways to focus in starting a blog, Click here to get started! Key things can be beneficial to your business and is a key factor in online marketing. Just like with anything else though, you need to know a few things others have used to be successful in the blogging world.

A video that really helped explain these things is today’s video by Alex Beadon. She explains in detail and is extremely clear about what she thinks can make your blog successful and herding quite the following.

There are lots of things you can put in your blog, and many different layouts but Alex reminds you of a few important details.


Know your audience, live up to their expectations, let them get to know you through your “voice”, and ultimately start attracting the right kinds of clients. Networking is the “secret sauce” added at the end of this blog recipe!


Do you use blogging as a business tool? Did any of these tips contribute to the success of your blog? We want to hear every detail in the comments below!

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Make it a wonderful day!

Sandy Mangis



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