Measure your Social Media ROI


What can you do to increase your Return on Investment, or I like to call it Rate of Interest on Social Media.   We here at Empower Network teach all sorts of ways.   I have listed a few key points to set you in the right direction.


Visibility it doesn’t sit and wait for customers to pass by, but it takes the message to where they are right now.


Mobility:  Fastest media to act and re-act to market fluctuations.


Connectivity:  ability to engage from anywhere, anytime.


Flexibility:  It can change daily or even hourly.


Service:  ability to relate quickly to monitor comments and complaints.  Much faster than email or mail to get responses.


Viral:  Spreads exponentially, your message gets forwarded and shared.


Ownership:  The term “Word of Mouth” has turned into “word of Social Media”.  Recommend to you friends and family, co-workers and groups.


Expert:  making information instant helps make experts in the field of providing a platform to give back to your followers.  Information is a key.


Appreciation:  Social Media is a new tool to give clients and employees a public pat on the back.  You can give an award to your audience every day, not just at the end of the year.


Direct Cast:  Inbound marketing.  Just like in Third world countries where they come right up to you and show their products in your face.  American think it offensive, yet we have commercials and billboard everywhere.  Social media is always taking your product to the stream, and a lot of the time it is overflowing.


Expansion:  Going beyond local is now easy, you can compete nationally and internationally right your home office. 


Cost:  Undeniable factor, the middleman is cut out.  “Bang for your buck” has a new meaning.


If you want to see more things like this click here and you can gain access to all of it.  


See you on the other side

Have a prosperous day.

Sandy Mangis


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