Fire season has come upon us early this year.  Being extremely hot for our area of the country for more than 11 days now.   Then a lightning storm hit hard and what do you get?  Fire!!   And if you know anything about fire you know it is a living creature and can have a mind of its own.  Many prayers to those who lost precious things. 

Being in the business world, you can relate to having fire in your office.  Fire can be a welcome friend when you want to cook something, or get your employee on a roll; or it can be welcome at the campfire to get warm and tell stories or share inspiring strategies in a meeting. 


But you need to keep it contained and controlled or you can have a raging blaze swirling out of control, destroying whatever it comes into contact with.   Watching the news it can show that on one side of the street, total devastation, yet on the other side, things were never even touched.    


If you have ever watched some of the survivor shows, they will tell you that fire is one of the essentials to sustain life.  It is one of the five elements.  Without it the world would not be the same.   We use it to make so many things we use every day. 


I have lived with a firefighter all of my married life and now I am the proud mom of one also, so I know the tales and stories of the many things that can go good or bad.   Watching it on TV and seeing people loose so much really hits home.   We have lived through two other fire storms in the past.   We learn from them and forge on.   Rebuild, put our roots back down and create new.

In the office we like to have the saying “LIGHT A FIRE UNDER THEM TO GET THEN GOING”.  We can create our own fire storm!   It seems like that when things are rolling the best, and other things get demolished if they are in the wrong path. 


Do you like fire?  That can be answered so many ways, it just depends on how it has affected your life.  If you use it in the office, there are also many different ways to answer as well.  


I hope I have given you things to think about.   And to pour out your help when fire is upon you, either raging through the neighborhood or in the office.   Stay well and forge on.

If you liked this and would like to know how you can have your own blog, click here.  Then you can create your own fire storm and light the way to new things.


Many prayers to those who lost.


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