Have you ever heard the saying “ask a busy person to do something and it will get done”!  That can go a couple of ways.  Yes that person will probably get it done because they are addicted to “Busyness”.  It can be a drug, we push ourselves to be hard workers, add on more and more.   Then with more responsibility we get more and more things to do.   On the other hand, if it’s not a priority for that person, it might get lost in their piles of other things they are going to get done. 



We push ourselves and we push out kids to be the best, get them involved in as much as they can handle and we can get them there.  After a while, yes you and everyone around you are addicted!  The drug of “Busyness”. 


Stop, do you really know what you are doing to yourself.  Did you sleep last night?  Did you eat what was in front of you or cook that healthy meal? Studies have shown that when you get at least 8.6 hours of good sleep that you will actually outperform others.  Then, cooking you own food and eating regularly will keep your body in check and be able to maintain good thought process and stamina.   


I read an article by Greg McKeown; that laid out a few pointers for his new book “Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”     


  1.  Schedule personal offsite.  Companies have offsite retreats, we need more than just vacations,  take some time for yourself to relax, 
  1. Rest well.    Get those 8.6 hours of sleep.  Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day.   
  1. Add expiration dates on new activities. 
  1. Say NO to a good opportunity every week.  Just because you are invited isn’t a good enough reason to do it. Doing to all gives you no time to invest in what we really want. 


If you truly want to be successful, follow the leaders.  Notice what they do, set a schedule, keep a journal and plan out what you want to accomplish.   Block out time for you.  Eat healthy, sleep well and you might surprise yourself.  


Don’t get me wrong, it takes hard work and dedication to grow into what you want, but do it wisely and reach out for help, you cannot take on the world by yourself!  Even the experts ask for help.  


What are you striving for?   Do you need something to help you slow down, yet exceed to your highest potential?   If you need a turning point click here to join my email list



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