Do you have a story to tell?   Do you remember when you were little and your grandpa would always tell you how it used to be.   Or when you go back to where you grew up and you would tell others about how things have changed.  Story telling can have a power that can change the way you feel, think and act.  It can also make you think you can do things you never thought you could.


So do you have a story to tell?   Can you use your story to build a brand for yourself?  You could grow a whole business by learning how to emotionally engage others by telling them where you are coming from and what your mission is.  If you want to attract people, you need to learn how to tell it in a captivating manner that can inspire, motivate, encourage, and inspire them to connect with you and what your message is.  There are too many commercials and if that is what you use it will get lost in the crowd. 


I have a few tips to share that I have learned; first: reveal your Humanity!  Appeal to others with the human touch.  Add something to your story that your audience can connect to and make it feel real.  Add pictures, and events and life experiences.  Where do you think gossip comes from, as you know that can spread like wildfire! 


A good story can be loved by many, young and old.   Do you have a movie you like or a show that has a series?   Those are stories, you want to know more, you want to engage, you need to know where it is leading and what is going to happen next.   Tell your story to inspire and enlighten those around you.  Reach out and you will be surprised by who will enjoy it.


Keeping it short, people all seem to be in a hurry, when they look through the paper or scan through social media they are looking for things to read, things that catch their eye.  Keeping it short will compel them to stay and read it. 


You want to bring out the emotions and focus on topics that are trending.  People are looking for others that have something in common, they are looking for things they can relate to, things that are news worthy.   Are you suffering, need something, or have something to share.   Others are looking for things that make them smile or cheer them up.   It seems like stories that get others to share or can relate to get more attention.


Finally, wrapping it up with a clear message, leave the reader with something to think about.  Your goals is two things.   You want them to connect with you and see in the depth of what your story is trying to express.  Tell it from the heart and build your audience through passion and being human, and most important don’t be a commercial.

What are you waiting for Click here and tell your story!

See you on the other side


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