Unknown!   The Void! Full of opportunities, questions, promises, failures, accomplishments!   The Unknown. We can be led or follow others to where the future is to take us. Is it really up to us or is the path already set?


That is where I have been lately!   In the unknown.   Life seemed to be rolling along and things were hopping and getting accomplished. I was setting goals and having a great vision of where I was going and how I was going to get there.   Sounds like a good plan, right? Thought so myself!


What happened, you ask?   Life hit me like a brick wall when I was not looking. That little bump in the road ended up to be a dead-end. I had no choice but to stop; which was kind of hard for me, especially when I was in that groove and had a good push. Sitting down and leaning on that wall for a while gave me some time to think.   Slowly I got up, checking for bruises and other wounds, and shook myself off.


The unknown can come out of nowhere and knock you down, lift you up, or just give you that reality feeling. The future cannot always be predicted!   It can be grooved from what you do and how you work at it, but when major stumbling blocks or walls come down, that curve can be 90 degrees or 360 degrees. This one was life changing.   I had to call in for help in more ways than I have ever had to before.


Having positive people around you and that you work with is so important.   Keeping that email list, or chat room. It can even be training webinars or social events. Nowadays social network it not only for sharing your ideas, but collecting them from others. When you are down, someone out there is usually up.   Finding your happiness is so important to help you.


I am returning with a whole new vision, a way that I never would have thought of before.   I am in the process of building those stairs to climb that wall. My strength is coming back and my new direction will again be on a roll. I didn’t give up, I just restarted!


Life can be a wonderful experience, but do you really know where you are going and what is in your future? When life gives you obstacles and challenges, do you know what you are going to do?   Are you afraid? Are you going to just wait and see if that wall pops up?   I hope not!


If you need a good group of upbeat people to work with, and want to work at home, just click here to find out how YOU can have that! It gives me that lift when I need it, it gives you something to focus on, to give you the inspiration you need to move forward.   Caring hearts and helpful ideas in all ways you can imagine.

To your future



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