Lauren Kocher

There is ALWAYS help!! There is ALWAYS help!!

I had a completely different post planned out in light of the recent events. However it was coming out more like a PSA. As I have been reading through the comments on various social media feeds, I keep seeing people say suicide is not a choice. Suicide is a conscious choice, a clouded one, but a choice. It is much unlike getting driving a vehicle completely intoxicated. You may thing you are doing the right thing at the time. But when you sober up the next morning, you realize, “Holy Fuck! How the hell did I manage to get my car in the driveway?” Suicide is like getting behind the wheel of the car. Depression is why you are intoxicated.

The body has an amazing will to live. Self-preservation is instinctual. I worked in a long-term care facility for five years. I have seen Death time…

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