This is great. I used to think what I wanted to do, but never wrote it down.

Project Light to Life

A few days ago, my mom called me to tell me that while going through boxes of old stuff I had written, she found a list I had written when I was eight years old: “100 Things to Do Before I Die.” I was thrilled she found this list for several reasons: I had not known I was interested in or even knew about bucket lists that long ago, I have now accomplished several items on that list (for example, go to France and go bungee jumping), and some of the items are hilarious. I know a few of the goals on this list are difficult to read, so before I photos of this ancient bucket list, I’ll list a few of my favorites:

12. Stay online for at least seven hours. (If only I could tell my eight-year-old self I would accomplish this one many times.)

16. Go to…

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