Looking for something the other day I thought I would go online.

Where do you start? I opened up one browser and typed it in the search bar. It gives me links over 10 or more pages the information can be and them some to choose from. Some have ads and some don’t. I like that they have to put a button to show you if there is going to be a pop up or not.   But I still have many options to choose from. How do I know if I get what I want from any of them?   It usually takes a few clicks to sort through all the junk.


OK, now you open another browser. Mostly the same things but a little different lay out. You can then go to blogging platforms for other people’s opinions on your subject, or catch an article on LinkedIn.   It seems like you can become very overwhelmed quickly and get completely confused.   I am not saying that there is not a lot of great information and lots of good ideas though.  But information overload again!

break through

Think back before the internet.

I know I am dating myself, but you had to find a book or something of that nature to get the information that we needed to be able to complete our task. Now you have it at the tip of your fingers. And definitely more than you need.   Weeding through all of it to just get your point across or make up your mind where you need to go next is the trick.


Do you have that issue and want to learn how to focus on getting to your task at hand?   Want to learn how to find the hot topics and subjects that others are all talking about?   I have found a wonderful tool that will teach you how to get what you are looking for and how to keep you on track. Follow me here.


Have a good day and try not to spend all day searching for that information you were looking for.


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