Do you get jealous or possessive over things in your office?

Either your home office or outside work? I will admit that I do.   I worked hard on putting things away so I know where to find them when the time comes and when someone else comes in and just starts rummaging through or goes to where they have seen it before and helps themselves I get a little ruffled.   How dare they!


OK yes that is a little overkill, but really …walk into someone’s office and just take or borrow without asking.   My nose got bent out of shape so I needed to vent.


When you work outside of your home you need to realize that the office space that you get to do your work in …. Is not yours.   It might be set up for you and be personalized by you, but it is not yours.   The things in your desk, files, computer, you name it belongs to the company. The office needs to fit with the decor of the company, they need things to match and blend. If you resign or get fired, what do you take with you in your box?   Some pictures, some decorations; not a lot if you think about it.


On the other hand, if you have an office at your home, it’s all yours, everything including the mess.   You are the only one responsible for it. You can fire yourself, but you still have all of it.   You can put up a sign that says if you borrow or take …. Then you replace. You do not have to share and if you can’t find it, well then you need to think where you put it. You do not need to follow anyone else’s rules.   Make your own, decorate the way you like.   Working for yourself needs to be fun and you need to be able to show yourself.


Do you have that luxury? Do you need that individualism?

It is such a great feeling to have something that is yours.   Have you ever wondered what it would be like?   I think you would amaze yourself.   Here is a link to give it a try.   You will thank me later. Look around at what you do now, then think what it is that you would change.   Make a list and then I can show you how to achieve that confidence to go for it and get moving toward your goal.


Make the most of your day and incorporate it into your life.   If you need a pick-me-up, there are ways.

Get inspired.

destined to be


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