Everything seems to be controlled around money. 


I am here to change your mind and get you to treat money as a tool.  I know people will say, “But without money we cannot do anything!”  That is true, but if you put money first and rely only on it, your struggles will be a lot harder. But when you use it equally with other resources it comes into all new meaning. 


Money is a great tool to get yourself established. 


You need it in many ways.   To get food, a place to live, transportation, entertainment, and of course running a business.  How you go about making it and acquiring it is up to you.   You seem to be able to find all sorts of money when you “really” need to.  Learning what to do with it, is where the “tool” part comes in.  


There is a saying that “you need to have money to make money”. 


In all my adventures, travels, and business related activity that seems to be very true.   But, if you focus on just money, your dreams will never develop and prosper in a way to make a lasting impression.   You will always seem to be struggling, and looking for more and more.  


Learn how to take money out of the equation. 


I not saying you don’t need it; it is an important tool, but your main form of business is your ideas, your product, your show case, not money.  Money is a tool, a goal, and when you start to think that way, your money troubles will go away, and you will have the freedom to get what you need.


You’ve got a dream, a vision of what you want to accomplish, even if it a little vague or it seems out of your reach.  In the words of Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it!”  Set your road map, in whatever you are doing, if you want to accomplish it.  


Don’t let money set up that road block, tackle those challenges just like you would adapt to whatever else life throws at you.  Money is a tool, and you can develop the skills to use it that way.  Your road blocks are not a huge deal as long as you figure out how to get back on the main road!


Everyone seems to be a little jealous and curious about how others seem to have all the money they need and you want to know how they do it!  People have a lot of curiosity.  Some will go to learn as much as they can about industries, culture, and so on, and still can’t quite understand.


Money is a tool


If you want to learn you’ve got to be passionate, excited, and curious.  It doesn’t mean work yourself to death and not enjoy what you are doing.   You don’t have to make it harder than you want to have all the money you need.  


If you really want to make it, you’ve got to have confidence in yourself and your abilities.  Without confidence, you can so easily get crushed by negativity and criticism.   Trust yourself, and have a deep understanding that what you are doing is how you’re going to make it. 


Take the word “quit” out of the vocabulary.  Focus on your dreams not how you are going to find the money to help you get there.   Money can put an anchor on your heal.  It can keep you in the hole you dig or on the other side of the door. 


Successful people succeed because they don’t let failures or tools like money discourage them to the point of quitting.  Why? Because they realized their failures were only minor setbacks – not game changers.  Get a little cocky.  Stand up straight.  Take that step forward and see where you will land.  


Keep that confidence.   It’s like walking on a trail that can have uneven rocks, or tree roots coming up and tripping you, or slippery hill sides to maneuver around.   Or, if you are on a sidewalk and everyone else seems to be walking the other way.   Getting pushed and bumped does not keep you from getting to your destination does it? 


Money is a tool, and as soon as you start seeing it that way, you will not have to live paycheck to paycheck or so deep in debt that you cannot see the end in sight.  If you like what I have said and want to learn how to change and set your focus differently then click here to enter my world.  Follow your enthusiasm….take action….Life is meant to be FUN and you are meant to ENJOY what you do.


Don’t let money get in your way or hold you back from your dreams.

Sandy Mangis


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