Seasons are changing and fall seems to be upon us.

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. It’s time to pull out the sweatshirts and the coats. No more flip-flops or sandals. Blow out the air ducts and turn on the heaters. I don’t know about you but I do enjoy our four seasons.   I live in a place of the world where each season comes and goes and it bring quite the beauty and discoveries with it.   I think I would miss a lot of it and life wouldn’t change from day-to-day without it!


Its getting cold outside.  In the fall you get the frost in the morning and the warmth in the afternoon. With all the trees turning colors and the birds flocking together to start their migration.   The leaves start to fall, and harvest is winding down, orange and brown with a hint of red; seems to be everywhere, just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving.   Gather that wood and seal all the cracks in the windows and doors.


Then you get on to winter.   If you like snow you have come to the right place. The skiing is great and the snow ball fights are everywhere. If you can handle driving and walking in it you will enjoy every minute of it.   It puts a blanket down to cover up the dirt and twinkle in the sunshine. It’s a color of white wherever you look.   How else would Santa make it with his sleigh? Finding that cozy blanket and hot chocolate with that good book to read or blog to write.


Not being able to see it, but underneath the ground is transforming and before you know it spring is here.

The plants are popping through and showing off.   The buds are coming out on the trees and everything in nature seems to be coming alive.   Time to start new and exciting things. The challenges are coming out, the projects get that dust removed and we seem to get that fresh feeling of energy and stamina.


Just as we seem to be in full swing of our projects the heat turns on and summer show its face. The time of spending the whole day outdoors are here. Time to play! Depending on if you are a land lover or a fish in the water, there is a lot of activity around every corner.   With our four seasons, if you are going to do something you only get so long to do it, so planning is the key or you might have to wait till next year.


It is amazing how the nature works and how we adapt to the changes.   I love living in this area of the country to get my four seasons.   It seems to stimulate and refresh itself every year.   Routine is one thing, but cleaning and restoring can be quite exhilarating and gives you that boost to make things happen. I love having a business of my own, where I can enjoy every bit of life and can come and go as I please. With that I can change and adapt with the seasons and when I choose to spin it up a little I can travel to places where their seasons will show me something new.  Want to know what I do.   click here to find out.



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