I am speaking the workers out there in the world.   Yes we all work, but in different aspects.   Do you take the easy way or have to put a little more effort into it?  


It’s easy to go apply for a job, and end up working for someone else.  Yes it is easy, you get up in the morning, go to work, do your job, collect your paycheck, and come home.   It’s that simple!  Right?

Well I will tell you after thirty years of doing that, it is getting harder to get up in the morning, coffee is just not enough anymore.   Driving to work, some walk or take the bus.   There is traffic, other people doing dumb things, or weather problems.   Then your car won’t start, you have a flat, or how many times do you put gas in it?  I won’t even get into the clothing issue, spilled coffee, dribbled breakfast, socks don’t match.   Or yes do not have the same shoes on.   It has happened, don’t laugh!


Doing your job.   Is it rewarding or demanding?   Your boss is either nice and pleasing, or nasty and never happy.   Do you ever get a say in matters or do you even know what is really going on?  Is there enough to keep you busy all day or do they expect an overabundance of stuff to be done in one day?  The meetings and webinars to help you keep up on the new regulations.  Then you just give the information for someone else to make the decision on whether they want to do anything with it.    Even if you make it up the ladder, is your voice really heard?  Is there a since of accomplishment at the end of the day? 


The last thing is picking up your paycheck!  Who really determines what you are worth?   Is it you!  NO!  Did you get a raise last year?  Was it more than inflation or were you at the top of your grid?  What grid do they follow?  Don’t you just hate it when the amount that comes in, is gone the first time you go to the grocery store, daycare or fill up on gas, so you can just go back to work to get more.   Where and when do you go on vacation? 


By the time you end back up at home, you are exhausted.   If you have kids, your day just got longer….when do you have time for yourself?  After a while you just want to explode, throw your hands in the air and run screaming down the road.  Even though that does seem to help.  It’s that physical exertion I think. 


OK, I am done with the ranting…there is an escape from that.   Have you ever considered working for yourself?  It is a little more work, but in this day and age it is a lot easier than it ever used to be.  If you put in the effort, you will get rewarded.   Doesn’t that sound easier than all of that above?


Getting up in the morning when you wake up, getting a good breakfast and not worrying about if you spill it down the front of you or not.  Put on your sweats or comfy clothes and walk down the hall to your office.  The only traffic you run into is the dog or kids if they are still at home.  You don’t have to worry about the weather unless you have an appointment to get to.   Let the busy rat race pass then you can have the road to yourself or the other slow drivers who have all day to get to their destination. 


What sounds better to you?   Working for someone else or putting in a little effort and working for YOURSELF!   I think I know which one you would like to choose, but you have doubts, and fears, and don’t have the first idea where to start.   Then the finances come into play.   Yes you need to rely on who?  YOU.  But I can show you how and I have found an abundance of other people that want you to succeed also. 


The question is how do you want your easy way?  

Give it a chance and have faith in yourself.  



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