This picture came across my desk today and I thought it would be great to write about. 

  Have you ever worn camouflage or used it to hide.    My husband is so picky when he buys it for hunting.  To me it all looks the same.   Maybe a different twig or some have a little more yellow or brown, and then there is the white stuff.  But who am I?  I only go along for the ride and the scenery, not the hunting.  

You don’t really need a reason for it, unless you are in the military or hunting, but you see a lot of people wearing it for every day.   Have you ever asked why?  They don’t seem to hide, in fact they stand out more by having it on.  


I like it because it is kind of fun, and mysteries all at the same time.  It ties to your wild and sneaky side.  Do you know what yours is?   That is something I am learning about myself lately.   To come out and be myself, to learn how to communicate with others and show just who I am.   


Having my own anything is satisfying, thrilling, and motivating in every aspect of what you are trying to accomplish.  

No matter how old you are, or where your life has taken you, there is a place in you that is still learning.   If you know it all, then you need to teach it to others.  That is the healthy thing to do.  


Don’t know howThen that is where I can teach you.  Are you motivated on a daily basis?  Do you want to get out of that robot life and try a little adventure?   Have I got a deal for you!  Come with me and join my adventure and make yours just as exciting.  




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