Either for yourself or for your business, it is good to have a social media presence.


Looking through the years at how marketing and just how people interact with each other shows you it is important to learn some of the lingo and how to use the ones that will work for you. It’s also amazing how having your own business and working from home has changed with a social media presence.




Social media isn’t just about chit chatting anymore. It’s about establishing yourself in this modern world. When I wanted to start a home based business I was kind of leery about setting myself up and letting go as you say.   But as I started to connect with others and actually lay out my section on the about me tab, I realized that I needed to show others who I was and let them see my accomplishments in life and be able to share my experiences with others.   That is how people learn…..from one other.



Think about when you want to know something, where do you turn?


The internet, right? A lot of knowledge can come from other people who have already been through it or have done what you are looking for. Isn’t it nice when a friend tells you when something is good and that you just need to go or get it?   Or on the other hand, when bad experiences happen, you want to know what to expect or stay away from. Social media is where you will find most of that.


I can get you started, but if you want to be an expert you will need to learn from people who are actually doing it, and what is a better way to get started and introduced to the experts, than from a friend.   They are honest and more willing to help. I can help you publish and promote content, reach out and gain new friends and learn how to inspire them from what your life has taught you.


Building relationships

Can I be your friend?

If you think so follow along, my friends and I are teachers. We will set you up and walk you through what it takes to establish yourself, or your business in the social world. You can show yourself off and feel proud of who you are.



P.S. join me here to be my friend

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