Your Challenges….Where does it take you?  To more questions?


Challenges can come in many forms and seem to be around any corner.


They seem to make or break your day. 


Tax your brain or just make simple tasks that much more complicated. 


Do you face them head on, stomp over them, go around them or duck and pass them on to someone else to handle?


In my personal lifetime, challenges are just a way of life.   Growing up and learning the rules of life can be made of many mistakes and triumphs.  Pass tests in school, wow I was never a really good test taker and always wished there was a better way to do them.   Gaining your independence. 


That is a real big experience to take on, do not have some guidance.  Getting married and having a family of your own.  Kids can bring more to the table than you can ever expect.  Just learning right along with them can ease the pain and show them how to deal with it also.



Then there is the business aspect of challenges.   Being in the corporate world and so many different industries as I have, I think I have seen most.  Do you work outside the home for someone else?


It might seem that working for someone else can be simpler, but you need to follow their rules, be there when they say, and get paid what they want to pay you.  Then if you want to move on or retire, you need to get permission.


On the other hand, you can work for yourself  (come see what I do).


The challenges will be there, and probably a lot more, but it can be so much more rewarding.  Your freedom is there, even though it is a business and you need to keep reminding yourself of that.  Always asking yourself; can you make enough money to make it work?   Can you sell, or be creative?  What is your next step?


Questions, Questions, Questions.


Can you find the answers, and then be able to trust them?   Challenges can always bring in a lot more for you to think about and learn how to tackle.   Knowing where to find the answers is the key.  Don’t panic, don’t give up, and I promise you will get through it.


You need to remember, you are not alone, just look around, the world is a place where there is always someone out there that has done or is doing what you are doing no matter what it is.  The trick is to find them and compare how they handled it.


If you ask “should I start my business?   Then watch Alex and she will explain her point of view.



OK,  you made up your mind, You DO want to START your own business!


Its not as hard as you think.  If I can do it you can too.   Just sign up here and go for it!  All the training you will ever need to succeed.  Click here NOW



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