If you have ever stayed in a Marriott Hotel and wanted to use the Internet?  

You check in and they hand you all the passwords and links you will need to get connected.  It seems like you cannot even watch the TV sometimes without getting in on some network.   


But, Did you hear?

Marriott must pay $600,000 for blocking personal Wi-Fi hotspots



    By Grant Gross

    Here’s some payback for everyone who has felt gouged by hotel charges for Wi-Fi service: Marriott International has to pay $600,000 following a probe into whether it intentionally blocked personal Wi-Fi hotspots in order to force customers to use its own very pricey service.

    “Consumers who purchase cellular data plans should be able to use them without fear that their personal Internet connection will be blocked by their hotel or conference center,” FCC Enforcement Bureau chief Travis LeBlanc said in a statement. “It is unacceptable for any hotel to intentionally disable personal hotspots while also charging consumers and small businesses high fees to use the hotel’s own Wi-Fi network. This practice puts consumers in the untenable position of either paying twice for the same service or forgoing Internet access altogether.”


    You pay good money and you don’t want it wasted.  

    If the hotels are in that much of a hurt for money then they need to get a blog……and set it into a money machine to generate interest.


    Want to know what I mean…….CLICK HERE and see what I mean.

    Enjoy the article.




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