What if you were born today!


Everywhere you turn these days it seems there is some new electronic thing coming out. They say it will make your life simpler and get you to be able to do more things.   How many of you have a smart phone and think your life is simpler? Or even running the microwave? Do you need to ask your kids or grandkids how to work it?   Where will the world be if you were born today?



Yes, I do have a smart phone, a tablet and have most of my calendar and contacts in the cloud. Have I had to ask my kids how to get things to work? That is another YES. On the other hand I do have an IT background and I am good with gears, numbers and electronic mechanisms.   I also have the curiosity to figure it out.   Having my business in my home and working off the social media circuit is a great adventure. Learning how to teach all of this is a great job.


New Technology


It seems lately that new ways to do things are popping up all over the place with the Tokenization that Apple Pay has introduced. There have been other digital wallets out there, but none quite like this. Just look at Starbucks APP and PayPal, just to name a few.   We are all going to get affected shortly when the new debit cards get reissued with the EMV chip. Yes your debit card will be a mini computer.

iPAS2 overview1

On top of all of that, we can now have Wi-Fi in our cars, along with them driving themselves.   Does yours tell you when you are out of your lane, too close to the car in front of you, what you are going to run over when you back up, and to top it off……screams at you when you leave your blinker on too long? Though working for yourself, it can be a great plus. I can plug everything in and just run it through the dash.



If you were born TODAY


I guess if you were born today these things would not be so strange. You would learn a whole different way. Things would just seem normal to have them do it themselves. Just like writing this blog, the computer is fixing my words, and letting me know what’s wrong.


The Job Market


The job market has changed so dramatically also. We have a lot more programmers, Video game designers, Information Technicians, and now cybersecurity officers at car dealerships. It’s hard looking for a job if you do not have computer knowledge. Who teaches typing anymore? It’s all keyboarding and learning how to copy, paste, attach, link, SEO, and I could go on and on……!


“Small minds discuss people, Average minds discuss events, and Great minds discuss ideas!” By Eleanor Roosevelt.


P.S. The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what YOU do! If you want to learn how to keep yourself organized, and use the new things that are out there. Click Here and I can show you a whole new world. Or check out my other Blog Here


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