I was challenged to write today about the first thing that comes to mind when you see the letter “s”.


Having a name that starts with that letter and now a business name that starts with it, that is kind of easy. I am going to write about how I started by business “Sandy’s Jar”. It is a home based business that I do all on the internet. I have no time restraints, no time deadlines, no inventory, and I do it in my comfy clothes.

logoEN small

Working in corporate America for more than 30 years I have always dabbled in the concept of working at home.   Yes, I have tried Mary Kay, Nu-Skin, even looked at Amway,   the hassle of inventory and having to do parties and bug all the local people was more than I wanted.   So, after I got really disgusted one day at my J.O.B. I went looking again. I found the best company for me; it fits in my life style and I love the people who are leading it.


When thinking of a name for my business,   I came across the cookie jar in my kitchen. That is where all the loose coin goes, and we always intended to use it for play time and trips, and extra things we needed at the end of the month. It gave me inspiration. Thinking of my dreams and not living from paycheck to paycheck, my home based business is teaching me that more is possible if I change my thoughts and learn the tools to get me there.


 My Story Gets a Little Thicker

My story gets a little thicker, and it has new meaning now. At first it was just to add to my income and be able to increase my portfolio as some may call it. My house is falling apart and needs to have improvements. But about two weeks after I started, my husband and I had a new vision.   It’s interesting what a little word like cancer can do to your future dreams.


Sandy’s Jar has a new vision


The vision of just adding to my income has now changed to replacing the income so I can stay at home and have the freedom to be with my husband through all the surgeries and chemo treatments and everything else he needs.

Stronger that you think

OK, some of you are thinking, having a home based business takes a lot of time and work and you have all these responsibilities. Well, you really have no idea what this company is about. It is based on blogging system and works with all the social media.   It is a lot of fun and for me and it is a therapy.   How many of you feel better when you write things down.   It helps the memory, and the stress level.


Now through my career and life I am a numbers and gears type of individual; so writing has been a little challenge, but I love to talk.   So, I just get to write instead of talking. Same things kind of, Right? I am learning how to outstretch my social skills, and meet people all over the world. Finding others that you can relate to, and can share things with, it also gives you hope and encouragement.


Enjoy your dreams


I want to thank you for the challenge to write about the letter “s” and give me the chance to tell you my story.  Go here to see the challenge…http://goo.gl/bpwLrh


If you love the story and want to build one your own… Click here… and see your life in a new light.




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