Shape “Square” , My Four Corners


The challenge today was come up with something about the word “shape”. (See link below) The first this that came to mind was how out of shape I was. So, “Square” came to mind. It’s been a while since I saw the inside of a gym and my exercise stuff at home is so dusty. The excuses I could come up with are long, but I guess life got in the way.   I need to rethink my four corners.


four squares

Let me tell you

My four corners give my life balance; they are Family, health, friends, work.   Working for myself can give me a chance to keep all of them in proportion. Equal hours spend on each.



In my world we are always setting goals. Coming up with our perfect day; Yes, I work for myself. (You can too) Lay it out until we achieve it. Physical excursion needs to be included.   It gives us strength and endurance to tackle anything, from stress to motivation.


break through



Each one of my corners can make or break me


Break free and get going any way you can. Treat your body like a machine and take care of it. Eat right, be physical, and feed your mind with great things.


We wish and wonder how to lose that extra weight, or how those extra pounds found us, but we really have no excuse for not being physical. It doesn’t take that long. What? and hour out of your day? Yeah, yeah, yeah, you get sweaty or you don’t wear the right clothes, then you need a shower. Complaining about it takes energy too. Get up and move. Working for yourself gives you the freedom to work when however you are. In your workout clothes or your PJ’s.


Keep in mind what is important.


Look at your four corners everyday and make sure you have them in balance. Its your foundation, keep it strong.   Just like in a building, when one thing need a little more work that is where your attention goes, otherwise balancing them out will help you grow.


My challenge to you is to get your four corners set and enjoy your life. If you want to learn how to have a business of your own and learn how to market it and get others there too, then CLICK HERE.   I will share my world with you.



P.S.   join the challenge at:

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