Business in a Box


I have come to find that having a business that is all put together and ready for you to just take off is a wonder aspect and a great motivator.  Starting a business is a scary thing especially from your home.  But having a business in a box that will help you from day one relieve some of that scare.  Think about what you want to do!  


Do you like to teach?

Do you like to bake?

Do you like crafts, decorating, landscaping, poetry, photography, writing, or animals?


Do you know how to blog about these things?


You ask “where do I start?”



Looking to get into this and doing it with the fastest grow business on the interest, here are some pointers.


Network Marketing has many different niches. 
First, there is Multilevel Marketing, where commissions on products sold are split between the Company and it’s Reps or Distributors. 

Then, commissions paid to the Company’s Reps or Distributors is typically split between five to ten people. 

Then, there’s Affiliate Marketing, where a Company pays a percentage  of commissions on products sold to those who make the sale, which usually happens on the Internet, using the power of the World Wide Web. (usually range from 20-40%.)

There’s Top Tier Network Marketing where a Company sells exclusive products at premium prices, sometimes ranging from $2,000 to as high as $40,000. 

These products are typically LIVE Events, Info Products, & Coaching, individually, or a combination of all three. 


And then there’s Empower Network, which combines the leverage of Multilevel Marketing, the Automation of Affiliate Marketing using the Internet to have hungry buyers come to YOU, and the Commissions of Top Tier. 


Join Empower Network (Blogging Platform) with me and see where you can take your business.


Not convinced yet?


Watch this and really listen to how your business of any type can benefit with the training we provide.


To your business in a box,



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