Oh; That really stinks!


You know what I mean….Driving down the country road and smelling a skunk.    That does really stink!  But there are lots of things in this big wide world that do stink.   Maybe not just in the odor, but in how they come across. 



You can say that “stinks” when something doesn’t go your way.   Or when you mess up on something.   Maybe its when you hear what happened to someone else.  Life can stink one day and shine the next.  It can happen in work too.   You hear about people making it big all the time, and you think “where am I?” Life just stinks.  


Wouldn’t you like to know how you can make it big and make the stinky things go away?


Here are four tips to get it to work for you.



  1. Limit choices by doing one thing really well.
  2. Have an insider program (a plan for loyal customers)
  3. Make rewards fun  (introduce competition, give away free stuff)
  4. Make it simple for the user (easy to share, tweet, post, whatever gets the word out, invite them…)


What would you like a business to look like? 

You don’t want it to Stink do you?


I found one… Click here to see for yourself.

It’s a business that is all laid out and easy to follow.  We have a lot of fun and learn how to do that “one thing really well”. 



Here is a link that is what Darren has talked about.  


Make the world not so smelly.


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